I am a skilled product designer with experience in all facets of web application development. I focus on creating products for consumption through any device, screen, or API while adhering to industry best practices, strategic initiatives, and brand identity. I work to solve problems by creating elegant solutions to deliver a world-class user journey and implement positive change. I am currently the Senior Product Director of Technology at the Entrepreneurs’ Organization where I have worked for the last 8 years and was awarded Staff Member of the Year by the organization and my peers.

EO 24/7 - Virtual Learning Conference

Built EO 24/7 live virtual learning conference for entrepreneurs; this year it attracted 48,400 visitors during the 5 day conference and produced 822 potential member leads for the organization. View Website - Passcode: startup20

Betsy Dirksen Londrigan

Designed and developed custom WordPress website for Betsy’s team including custom post types and an API integration to the campaign’s donation management system and CRM. View Website

EO Network App - Landing Page

Built a simple landing page to showcase the new Entrepreneurs' Organization App. View Website

EO Network App Interfaces

Worked in collaboration with Flatstudio to craft 200 interfaces for iOS and Android versions of the EO Network App. The app is for 12,000+ entrepreneurs that make up the Entrepreneurs' Organization.


Built and designed the entire online experience for this carnivorous plant nursery. Took their existing website from a few disjointed static pages with a PDF order form, to a CMS managed and profitable e-commerce platform on WordPress and WooCommerce. View Website


An experimental project to showcase some of my new music. Experimented with full width/height responsive video and a music player that degrades nicely on mobile. Built from scratch utilizing WordPress as a backend to manage tracks/templates and SoundCloud’s API to pull music. View Website

Entrepreneurs' Organization - EO App

The EO Global App will allow members of the Entrepreneurs' Organization to connect with each other and engaged in new ways ultimately leading to increased member retention and communication. For this project I created the mobile app prototype and user-flow for this project underway.

Entrepreneurs' Organization - Octane Blog

Custom WordPress theme for the official blog of the Entrepreneurs' Organization (EO). For this project custom post types, custom fields, and templates were constructed to allow the greatest flexibility for administering and maintaing thousand of post, magazine articles, and video content. View Website

Entrepreneurs' Organization - MyEO

MyEO is a web platform allowing entrepreneurs to create groups and forums around their own interests and passions. For this project I wrote specification, built all front-end interfaces, built all email templates, and managed development of new platform from start to finish. View Work


Worked with the internal Social Capital team on branding, wireframes, and user-flow. Built a responsive front-end for their site and helped them extend their existing ExpressionEngine CMS to allow future maintanabilty by their staff. View Website

Entrepreneurs' Organization - IQL

Built two custom platforms for supporting member leadership at the Entrepreneurs' Organization. Both platforms using WordPress with custom directories, member-only content, video training libraries, and a streamlined applications process. Members are authenticated against the main transaction MS CRM database via a custom built WordPress plugin and via EO API.


An experimental project to create a digital version of my grow list. The backend consists of fields to capture genus, species, germination date, altiudinal distributions, vendor ids, etc. The front-end serves up all plants in the database allowing users to search the db, modify display, and view higher resolution images for each plant.

Entrepreneurs' Organization - WP Theme

A flexible WordPress and email template to allow creation and administation of all EO global event websites. Themes settings allow for localization of language, modification of elements throughout, and custom post types to support sessions, speakers, and event committee members.

Entrepreneurs' Organization - EO24

Built live chat and video streaming platform for organization’s live 24-hour event. Platform increased user participation by 437% from pervious year and achieved over 4,600 participants with an average view time of over 25 minutes.

Entrepreneurs' Organization - Styleguide

This web style guide is a comprehensive overview of all web elements and patterns used for creating web pages and web application at the Entrepreneurs' Organization. It is based on the style and reusable components I built for construting front ends for EO.


Built custom landing pages to help Independent Lines collect donation from contributors and help focus their brand and message.

Entrepreneurs' Organization - EOYX

Built web platform in WordPress to allow members to share opportunities in the form of internships and study abroad programs for their children.

Entrepreneurs' Organization - Tag Heuer Watch

Custom landing page design for exclusive Tag Heuer/EO. I also composed music used in video commercial. View Work

Entrepreneurs' Organization - Tech Products App

Built interactive iOS app to showcase new EO Technology offerings in a playful way. App was available on ipads during the EO annual conference

Entrepreneurs' Organization - Global Staff Week

Company-wide staff week event website with interactive schedules, directories, and information on the week-long event.